Front Desk to Fourth Row

The past couple days have been quite the emotional roller coaster ride. A cancelled New York trip left my plans to celebrate my birthday (today – yay!) up in the air. When the trip officially fell apart I was broken at first, but decided to throw myself into LG Fashion Week for S/S 2010. I emailed former bosses, acquaintances and faceless online media editors hoping that someone would get back to me with an opportunity.

I turned 21 in Manhattan at TVFU’09, surrounded by Teen Vogue staffers I vowed that I would make things happen this year. Yesterday – just hours shy of turning 22 – I received an email from one website asking if I was interested in covering some of the final shows of LGFW. I was at the front desk at work. Yes, that work – my part-time receptionist job that always involves wearing athletic gear and sometimes involves watching Rachel Ray. Part of me could only smile at the thought of this dream come true. While the other part went into panic mode, running down all of the usual questions: What do I wear? How do I get there? Will I be late?

After going home to change and get the details of my job, I tore apart my closet. I’m a big believer in dressing for your mood and so with one quick glance at the dreary weather, a big gray H&M knit topped off my look. I ran out the door sans heels (yes, I forgot them. It was the end of the week. My flats were David Dixon so I figured I could get by).

I’ve been to Fashion Week in Toronto before, but clearly not like this. This time I was there with a purpose. I was on the guest list. I had an industry pass. The King & Shaw location accommodated many more editors, bloggers and fashion fans than LGFW has ever had (certainly many of my TO idols were in attendance). As I took notes during the Brandon R. Dwyer, Jessica Biffi, Ula Zukowska and Lucian Matis shows I couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t have a blackberry like so many of the tweeting editors, heels or an all-access pass to the media lounge but I did have a job to do.

After making it through a storm and an unnecessarily long cab ride, I made it home in one piece. Feeling a little drained (all my energy had gone into loving Lucian Matis’ opulence overload), I sat at my computer writing reviews. The clock struck twelve and it was my birthday. One wish came true a little early this year.


Anonymous said...

wow Erica that was so inspiring!! Keep up the great work and determination because you are coming closer to attaining your dream. I know it!

Lisa Canning said...

You are inspiring Erica (and so articulate) sad I missed you in the tents, we must meet sooner than later!