Sunny Disposition

The other day I had the pleasure of strolling down Bloor to meet my cousin at an organic lunchspot (only a stone's throw from the site of my previous internship). Before our date I had to stop in at Indigo to grab some necessities for school (really!). Aside from finding Shinan Govani's Boldface Names, I had my latest assignment in mind. One of my teachers had asked us to pick up a Canadian magazine we've never read and prepare to discuss it in class. I'll admit I was a little surprised and disappointed by the fact that I ended up choosing Z!NK Canada. How did I not know about this earlier? Shouldn't I have been completely aware of a new fashion mag? I was impressed by the fashion wells, the art direction and the size of the magazine. It reminded me of some of the publications I've seen in Europe. I remained in shock after immediately flipping to the masthead and discovering that former Fashion File host Adrian Mainella, is the Editor-at-Large. I knew then that I had to find out more. Insisting that I didn't need a bag, I proudly carried my stack of purchases out the door.

Though I'm still going over the mag, I soon got over my embarrassment of never having seen it. Instead I chose to be excited. There's something new and innovative on the Canadian glossy front, or at least to me there is.

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Zia M said...

Excited is a great choice to make. My advice is to follow that dream! You are an amazing writer. I am really enjoying your posts!