Straight From the Source

I got over The Hills when Teen Vogue did. When Speidi came in, the fashion content went out. Last night while falling asleep to episodes from season 3 I realized that before I started interning, The Hills was all I knew. But Teen Vogue hasn’t left readers with aspirations of a career in fashion high and dry. The Teen Vogue Handbook is available next week. Since I haven’t divulged any intern tips lately, here are a few straight from Amy Astley and her team.

-Prepare a list of your favorite designers, photographers, and stylists. A comprehensive knowledge of the field demonstrates your passion and shows that you've done research.

-Arrive on time and dress to impress. Your ensemble should reflect your personal style as well as the position you're applying for.

-Remember to ask some questions of your own. Inquiring about the details of the job indicates enthusiasm.

-Suss out any connections you might have. Do any of your extended family members or friends work in the business? If so, they may be able to pass along your résumé to someone who needs an intern.

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