Back to Boot Camp

I think it's safe to say that I wasn't filled with excitement when it came to my first day back at school. On Monday I headed back to Ryerson for more experience at what I like to call Magazine Boot Camp (aka Magazine Publishing). Before my first class I met the ever-so-charming AG for a quick dinner in Yorkville. On the way we ran into an old friend from our summer abroad in Siena. She actually told us that she had to glance at us twice because she thought that we may have been celebrity it girls hiding behind our sunglasses. But AG and I always giggle about how we can never seem to have it all together. While people-watching in the sun, we were approached by a musician who dedicated a string of Beatles songs to us. As always, the flattery can only go so far. One second I'm flying high and suddenly I'm brought right back down to Earth.

We said goodbye and parted ways for class. Passing through the TIFF-loving crowds, I'm reminded just how much I love downtown Toronto and think maybe school won't be so bad. With my entire walk to Ryerson ahead of me, one of my sandals completely falls apart. So I'm forced to trudge down Church St. and try my best not to trip. One man sitting at a patio compliments my footwear, only to look away upon noticing my less than graceful steps.

I arrived at class in one piece, and ready to learn more about the editing process. We discussed our previous experiences, favourite magazines and goals. I love hearing from people who are equally as excited as I am. We'll even be creating our own prototypes by the end of the semester. Editing, fact-checking and freelancing. Welcome to boot camp.

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