Another Day in My Double Life

I often say I lead a double life. Some days include a taste of glamour, while others strictly involve part time work in suburbia. At last night's photo exhibit and cocktail party (hosted by the mag I recently interned at), I was reminded that this year I'm going to have to fight to keep my foot in the door.

After spending most of the day doing things around the house, I still somehow ended up rushing to the Spoke Club. After changing from flip flops to strappy high heels on the subway, I teetered toward the venue. I got there just in time to speak to the art director about my duties before she began to enjoy the party. I was in charge of the magazine's guest list, as well as all sales of the photos. I thought I might have the chance to chat with the new intern, but surprisingly I was the only intern in sight. I worked alongside employees at the Spoke Club who were busy tending to guest lists for all sorts of TIFF events.

It was great to see all of the staff again, especially the ones that I frequently chatted with during my internship. I recognized many of the guests the second they walked off of the elevator. Jeanne Beker, Ainsley Kerr, Nada Shepherd, Tosha Dash and many more fashionable faces were in attendance. Many of the photos were sold and the proceeds went toward a Ryerson School of Fashion scholarship.

As both of my bosses left for the evening, I was able to briefly catch up with each of them. Highlights certainly included being called a "star pupil" and "the best intern ever." But if they saw me struggling in my heels to get there on time, they might not have said I "had it together." But I suppose that's the beauty of living a double life. They promised to keep me updated with any job prospects, and I promised to contact them for a coffee date.

When things slowed down I was able to peruse the exhibit. The portraits of Daria Werbowy and Isabella Rossellini were my favourites (both sold). Then I packed up my things, said goodnight to the Spoke employees and waited by the elevator. Celebrity photographer (and one of the magazine's favourites) George Pimentel was also waiting to head out. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I knew who he was. I recognized him right away and told him that. I also knew that he came late because I hadn't checked off the guest list. He asked me what I did and then said he recognized me from his visits to the office.

"Well, I'm done interning and now I'm searching for a job."
"Want some advice?"
"Work your ass off."

And with that, I crossed the street and began my trek back toward the subway. Under the street lights my walk was different the second time around. I was much more light on my feet.


Anonymous said...

I adore your posts!!!

OC- said...

sounds like it was so exciting and funn!
and good advice!

Lisa Canning said...

My dear, you're a girl of my own heart. I interred at FLARE while attending Ryerson and I too, have teetered in heels after changing from more comfortable attire on the subway. I am sure we could swap many stories!