I wanna be where the people are...

I can't help but read daily tweets from fashion editors, photographers, designers and journalists about all of their adventures in New York, London, Milan and now Paris. Naturally I'm jealous. I spent most of my day yesterday sending out resumes. Beyond interning but not quite a working girl, things are tough right now as I try to find my way. Yesterday I came home after class (fact-checking and research) to find a response from a Canadian editor-at-large to one of the many emails I sent that afternoon. It was a tiny glimmer of hope. And so I fell asleep dreaming of joining those notable editors someday at fashion week. What would I wear? Photos courtesy of elle.com, fashionmagazine.com and refinery29.com

Straight From the Source

I got over The Hills when Teen Vogue did. When Speidi came in, the fashion content went out. Last night while falling asleep to episodes from season 3 I realized that before I started interning, The Hills was all I knew. But Teen Vogue hasn’t left readers with aspirations of a career in fashion high and dry. The Teen Vogue Handbook is available next week. Since I haven’t divulged any intern tips lately, here are a few straight from Amy Astley and her team.

-Prepare a list of your favorite designers, photographers, and stylists. A comprehensive knowledge of the field demonstrates your passion and shows that you've done research.

-Arrive on time and dress to impress. Your ensemble should reflect your personal style as well as the position you're applying for.

-Remember to ask some questions of your own. Inquiring about the details of the job indicates enthusiasm.

-Suss out any connections you might have. Do any of your extended family members or friends work in the business? If so, they may be able to pass along your résumé to someone who needs an intern.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me. As always, I love to hear from you and what you would like to see on the blog.



From Kanye West to Amelia Earhart, David Livingstone is a journalist who studies the cultural figures who impact the direction of fashion. I’ve always admired his ability to interpret trends and thoroughly explain their origins. On a dreary day lacking in inspiration, I was lucky enough to come across the following invitation, and now I can barely contain my excitement.

Searching for the Source of Style: An Evening with David Livingstone, Fashion Journalist
Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor St. West.
Wednesday Sept 30, 2009
Doors open at 7pm (with refreshments)
Lecture starts at 7:30
General admission $14, students $6.

In Her (Mismatched) Shoes

If you know me, you might just feel like you know my family. I can’t help it. You might also know that my sister Lara and I differ in more ways than one. Despite my mother’s brief interest in matching outfits (the palazzo pants, the vests, the white flowered hats a la Blossom), I am into black on black while she rocks colour and tons of shine.

Years ago on vacation we participated in the hotel’s karaoke night. I stood tall and softly sang along to a song I already knew, “Top of the World” by The Carpenters. She rocked out to the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” That’s my sister.


Space Invaders

This picture from the Daily Mail says it all. Anna Wintour is seated front row at the Twenty8Twelve runway show (Sienna and Savannah Miller's line) alongside MTV personality Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof. I'm a fan of Chung's look, but it certainly looks inferior next to everyone's favourite editrix.


Sunny Disposition

The other day I had the pleasure of strolling down Bloor to meet my cousin at an organic lunchspot (only a stone's throw from the site of my previous internship). Before our date I had to stop in at Indigo to grab some necessities for school (really!). Aside from finding Shinan Govani's Boldface Names, I had my latest assignment in mind. One of my teachers had asked us to pick up a Canadian magazine we've never read and prepare to discuss it in class. I'll admit I was a little surprised and disappointed by the fact that I ended up choosing Z!NK Canada. How did I not know about this earlier? Shouldn't I have been completely aware of a new fashion mag? I was impressed by the fashion wells, the art direction and the size of the magazine. It reminded me of some of the publications I've seen in Europe. I remained in shock after immediately flipping to the masthead and discovering that former Fashion File host Adrian Mainella, is the Editor-at-Large. I knew then that I had to find out more. Insisting that I didn't need a bag, I proudly carried my stack of purchases out the door.

Though I'm still going over the mag, I soon got over my embarrassment of never having seen it. Instead I chose to be excited. There's something new and innovative on the Canadian glossy front, or at least to me there is.

The Village Girl and the Gay Guy

Would you ever want to work for someone like Kelly Cutrone? In a recent interview she refers to herself as the patron saint of interning, gives herself credit for making interning famous and provides this gem about selecting the ideal candidate.

“They think they want to be interns. It usually starts off with some really bad letter which is like, 'I have a passion for fashion' which I throw away…I look for someone who doesn’t think that they know anything about fashion – because they don’t.”


Back to Boot Camp

I think it's safe to say that I wasn't filled with excitement when it came to my first day back at school. On Monday I headed back to Ryerson for more experience at what I like to call Magazine Boot Camp (aka Magazine Publishing). Before my first class I met the ever-so-charming AG for a quick dinner in Yorkville. On the way we ran into an old friend from our summer abroad in Siena. She actually told us that she had to glance at us twice because she thought that we may have been celebrity it girls hiding behind our sunglasses. But AG and I always giggle about how we can never seem to have it all together. While people-watching in the sun, we were approached by a musician who dedicated a string of Beatles songs to us. As always, the flattery can only go so far. One second I'm flying high and suddenly I'm brought right back down to Earth.

We said goodbye and parted ways for class. Passing through the TIFF-loving crowds, I'm reminded just how much I love downtown Toronto and think maybe school won't be so bad. With my entire walk to Ryerson ahead of me, one of my sandals completely falls apart. So I'm forced to trudge down Church St. and try my best not to trip. One man sitting at a patio compliments my footwear, only to look away upon noticing my less than graceful steps.

I arrived at class in one piece, and ready to learn more about the editing process. We discussed our previous experiences, favourite magazines and goals. I love hearing from people who are equally as excited as I am. We'll even be creating our own prototypes by the end of the semester. Editing, fact-checking and freelancing. Welcome to boot camp.


Another Day in My Double Life

I often say I lead a double life. Some days include a taste of glamour, while others strictly involve part time work in suburbia. At last night's photo exhibit and cocktail party (hosted by the mag I recently interned at), I was reminded that this year I'm going to have to fight to keep my foot in the door.

After spending most of the day doing things around the house, I still somehow ended up rushing to the Spoke Club. After changing from flip flops to strappy high heels on the subway, I teetered toward the venue. I got there just in time to speak to the art director about my duties before she began to enjoy the party. I was in charge of the magazine's guest list, as well as all sales of the photos. I thought I might have the chance to chat with the new intern, but surprisingly I was the only intern in sight. I worked alongside employees at the Spoke Club who were busy tending to guest lists for all sorts of TIFF events.

It was great to see all of the staff again, especially the ones that I frequently chatted with during my internship. I recognized many of the guests the second they walked off of the elevator. Jeanne Beker, Ainsley Kerr, Nada Shepherd, Tosha Dash and many more fashionable faces were in attendance. Many of the photos were sold and the proceeds went toward a Ryerson School of Fashion scholarship.

As both of my bosses left for the evening, I was able to briefly catch up with each of them. Highlights certainly included being called a "star pupil" and "the best intern ever." But if they saw me struggling in my heels to get there on time, they might not have said I "had it together." But I suppose that's the beauty of living a double life. They promised to keep me updated with any job prospects, and I promised to contact them for a coffee date.

When things slowed down I was able to peruse the exhibit. The portraits of Daria Werbowy and Isabella Rossellini were my favourites (both sold). Then I packed up my things, said goodnight to the Spoke employees and waited by the elevator. Celebrity photographer (and one of the magazine's favourites) George Pimentel was also waiting to head out. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I knew who he was. I recognized him right away and told him that. I also knew that he came late because I hadn't checked off the guest list. He asked me what I did and then said he recognized me from his visits to the office.

"Well, I'm done interning and now I'm searching for a job."
"Want some advice?"
"Work your ass off."

And with that, I crossed the street and began my trek back toward the subway. Under the street lights my walk was different the second time around. I was much more light on my feet.



An intern's work is never done. Anxious as I was to maintain my connections, I emailed my former boss at Internship No. 2 as soon as I was back at my home sweet home. I thought it might lead to some TIFF action (research or transcribing), but instead she invited me to work at the front reception for an upcoming cocktail party hosted by the magazine. I've volunteered at TIFF events before and have had both good and lackluster experiences. Regardless, there are outfits choices to scour and glossy staffers to greet. I'll be sure to fill you in on any sightings, smut and small successes. Here's hoping I'm able to greet glossy staffers without fumbling at the door.


More Love Online

You know you’ve got style cred when you’ve been behind the scenes at Canada’s biggest fashion magazines. Stephanie Trendocher’s name first popped up on mastheads after she won FLARE’s Intern Search. Her video entry landed her a coveted spot helping out in each of the mag’s different departments, as well as the chance to blog all about it on FLARE.com. Since then she went on to intern at FASHION and write for fashionmagazine.com. When I read in an online interview that she was working on her own site, I became immediately excited. For fans of sites like WhoWhatWear, Skinny Bitches brings together must-have items, red carpet roundups and the up and coming stylesetters to watch.


It has to be one of my top 5 favourite Sex and the City episodes ever. In Season 2 Carrie hypothesizes why Big chose Natasha and comes up with the following, “The world is made up of two types of women, the simple girls and the Katie girls.” Now 3 other fashion-loving ladies identify themselves as Katie girls on their blog. After graduating from Ryerson University and interning at both Teen Vogue and Interview in New York, Randi rounded up fellow Katie girls Robin and Sam to contribute to the site. If you haven’t read Randi’s work before, catch up with her here for musings on art, pop culture and fashion.

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