Real Deal for a Day

When asked to go downstairs and meet the new intern, my confidence immediately rose. Having the chance to train her and talk about my work at the mag made me feel (briefly) like I wasn’t at the bottom of the masthead. It was a chance for me to act out my fantasy of actually working there. It wasn’t my first time as an intern that I had to work with someone who modelled. But feeling short couldn’t squash my sense of seniority. We sat in the meeting area and went over all that is expected of her. I showed her around and then we went through some daily tasks together. When I tried to find out more about why she’s excited to intern, I didn’t get much. Eager to have her walk away an informed intern, I handed her the guide I prepared and asked her to email me if she ever has a question. That’s when she opened up, thanking me for my advice and insider (moi?) perspective. Tips from my guide included:

-Speak up! Share your ideas, interests and passions. Editors want to hear ideas from interns.
-Add to the research roster. When looking for the latest arts and pop culture news, seek out offbeat sources instead of the gossip rags.
-Get to know what your daily tasks are and get them done early. You never know what unexpected assignments the day will have in store.

Chatting with someone else about the work I’ve been doing only made me want to hold on to internship even more. Can you tell I like glossy talk? Sadly, my final day was approaching. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get to go back to help out in the fall. Keeping you posted!

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