My Page is Bleeding, in a Good Way

Today my boss and I met to go over the necessary changes to the online piece I'm working on. It was my first ever meeting as a writer. I felt like one of my childhood dreams was coming true. I was too caught up in the bliss of actually being treated as a magazine writer that I didn't have the emotional energy to give anything a negative spin. Change this? Cut that? Re-work this? Edit that? Every one of my answers was overloaded with enthusiasm. I'm excited to continue working on my (short) piece and make it something interesting for our readers. I don't have much time to complete it before our final meeting. Luckily, she gave me the chance to submit two different versions of the article for practice. Maybe there were scribbles and corrections all over my page, but her compliments made it all worth it. One thing she mentioned was to sidestep my fear of being politically incorrect. She advised me to inject it with my own personality and style, so that someone might be able to recognize that it's my work.

Tomorrow I meet the new intern. Will he/she measure up? It's my job to train him/her and then to continue blogging, writing and researching before I leave for Italy.

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