"I'll Search the World Over"

Inès de la Fressange

Just because that oh so Euro fashion sensibility is fresh in my mind – doesn’t mean I am capable of defining it. There is always a sense of elegance or effortlessness present in European fashion. While I didn’t physically bring any of that fashion back to Toronto (thanks to VISA trouble abroad), I hope to keep the aesthetic in mind when shopping for new pieces for fall. Sure, we’ve read countless stories of heroines fleeing their frantically-paced lives for the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine and a cigarette alongside a lover who may or may not speak English. But what do those women across the pond think about North American women and their approach to dressing?

“They’re afraid to not be trendy, they’re afraid to not have the good look, and they’re much more self-conscious. They buy much more and they follow things much more. It’s like Sex and the City – there’s love, work and shopping.”
-Model and former Chanel muse, Inès de la Fressange, in the latest issue of FASHION

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this quote is very true