Elle is for Leather

The ELLE Woman is clearly sexy in a tough way. Her slick getups say 'come hither' and 'back off' with every single strut. Whether it's from the USA or the UK, ELLE's recent cover girls aren't styled without a luxe leather piece.
I've always been Team Aniston, but the stories spinning her as a lonely girl on the go are getting tired. This cover look makes me think that maybe this story will be different. Skin-tight leather and a flirtatious look hint at the resilient, ambitious woman she should be viewed as.
LiLo's ELLE UK shoot sparked rumours when Dior jewellery from the set went missing. Did she or didn't she? Beyond the case of the missing bling, we've seen her sport this look before. While I question why she's still on covers, the queen of all attempted comebacks looks great.
Tween sensation Miley Cyrus was an unexpected choice for the August cover, but her collaboration with Max Azria for Wal-Mart lent her to the fashion-forward audience. However, mild intrigue certainly won't be driving them to the stores. I was prepared to rant on the reasons why I prefer seeing her face on Seventeen and not the fashion mags, when I saw her alternate cover on newsstands. Wearing bright pink and accessorized in gold, Miley looks much more like she's from Hannah Montana than The Craft.

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OC- said...

since when is miley cyrus a face in fashion?