Ciao for Now

I loved having the chance to chat with my boss on my last day of my summer internship at an office I still dream to work in. I asked her all of my questions about interviews, job searching and what makes a resume stand out. Inside I wondered if our EiC could hear us. I was happy to hear all of my boss’ compliments. I may have been quiet in the beginning, but I know by the end she got a sense of what keeps me going – fashion magazines with pop culture blogs and entertainment scandals on the side. The internship was a perfect fit for me, mixing fashion news and the arts. Who wouldn’t love a job where perusing Pinkisthenewblog.com isn’t considered slacking? As a gift she gave me a goody bag filled with products from the beauty closet. Even the EiC came out of her office to shake my hand and thank me. I couldn’t believe that she said my boss had said some wonderful things about me. As sad as I was to leave, I have a feeling I’ll be back soon enough.

Fall will certainly be the start of an uncertain time. I’ve graduated from UofT and will be back at Ryerson in September. Freelance work and job searching are also on the list of things to do. I’ve been warned that my first job won’t necessarily be a dream come true, but the focus is on finding one! It seems my friends and I will all be on different paths. Work, school and cluelessness about our futures will be in the mix. I’ll definitely be posting all about my efforts to find my glossy future. Check back and check back often, but next stop: Italy! While I can’t guarantee regular posts during my two and half week getaway, you can keep up with me on www.twitter.com/ericaec. Style, food, friends, sun and nightlife await!

Exciting things to come – I promise!

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