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"I'll Search the World Over"

Inès de la Fressange

Just because that oh so Euro fashion sensibility is fresh in my mind – doesn’t mean I am capable of defining it. There is always a sense of elegance or effortlessness present in European fashion. While I didn’t physically bring any of that fashion back to Toronto (thanks to VISA trouble abroad), I hope to keep the aesthetic in mind when shopping for new pieces for fall. Sure, we’ve read countless stories of heroines fleeing their frantically-paced lives for the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine and a cigarette alongside a lover who may or may not speak English. But what do those women across the pond think about North American women and their approach to dressing?

“They’re afraid to not be trendy, they’re afraid to not have the good look, and they’re much more self-conscious. They buy much more and they follow things much more. It’s like Sex and the City – there’s love, work and shopping.”
-Model and former Chanel muse, Inès de la Fressange, in the latest issue of FASHION


From Our Final Hours in Rome

Sometimes I wonder what it takes for an experience to essentially change you and your point of view. I've always been an emotional traveler. I've always wanted to hold on and leave traces of myself wherever I go. Most writers feared the though of not being remembered. I always figured that a place would never forget.

Leaving begins with a fear from deep inside. Something tells you that you're about to be ripped from the present moment - all ties severed. There's a sadness, but there's also the hope that someone at home might be able to understand what you've been through and what you've seen.

Leaving Italy is not only unnerving because I love the culture. A lot is about to change at home. School, friends, job search - this time it's back to reality. Despite my usual optimism (I couldn't wait to start university), I can't help but feel overwhelmed.

We (Amanda and I - 2/3s of the Tre Canadesi) continue to look at our pictures - especially those in Positano. We can't say that we didn't take it in. We also agree that our hearts will always be on the Costiera Amalfitana.

We can pretend our trip was filled with glamour, luxurious hotels and designer purchases, but we'd be lying. We're real girls with multiple mishaps and wouldn't have had it any other way. When Guido at Acquachiara described me as "chic and reserved" I suppose that meant I was pulling it off. But who can carry that 24/7? That "chic and reserved" girl is also the one who had chocolate smeared on her face while enjoying a fresh cornetto after partying in Amalfi till dawn. Sometimes you've got to sweat it out on the Circumvesuviana to get to that terrazzo in the sky.

In the end we savoured the gelato and charmed the locals. We suffered from sunburns, watched the sunrise and had a drink named after us in the process (it's called Tre Canadesi if you must know). We attended an impromptu birthday party, a family reunion and heard some marching bands. We perfected the arts of making Canada proud, dodging sketchy locals and sipping aperitivo - all with a smile.

But how much of our experience can we actually bring home? A Pinko bag, DSquared2 sunglasses and photos that can't begin to capture our adventure are all heading back toward a Canadian fall. While a part of our hearts and anything that weighed down the luggage will stay.

Now it's time to pack up and say goodbye. Until next time I can say that it was the best trip ever.

For all that didn't happen in Terracina. For all of the sunrises we saw on the coast. For all of the night outfits we didn't get to wear in Rome. For us. Alla Nostra.


Live From Positano

Buona Sera! I am in Positano and am amazed by the amount of email that I has accumulated since I left Toronto. One was from my boss at Internship No. 2 with the following exciting link:

Rumer Willis at the 2009 MMVAs in Toronto
Check it out for the result of my first major interview experience with Rumer Willis (described in a previous post). Willis is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. I had the chance to chat on the phone with her about her life, style and the upcoming Sorority Row.


Ciao for Now

I loved having the chance to chat with my boss on my last day of my summer internship at an office I still dream to work in. I asked her all of my questions about interviews, job searching and what makes a resume stand out. Inside I wondered if our EiC could hear us. I was happy to hear all of my boss’ compliments. I may have been quiet in the beginning, but I know by the end she got a sense of what keeps me going – fashion magazines with pop culture blogs and entertainment scandals on the side. The internship was a perfect fit for me, mixing fashion news and the arts. Who wouldn’t love a job where perusing Pinkisthenewblog.com isn’t considered slacking? As a gift she gave me a goody bag filled with products from the beauty closet. Even the EiC came out of her office to shake my hand and thank me. I couldn’t believe that she said my boss had said some wonderful things about me. As sad as I was to leave, I have a feeling I’ll be back soon enough.

Fall will certainly be the start of an uncertain time. I’ve graduated from UofT and will be back at Ryerson in September. Freelance work and job searching are also on the list of things to do. I’ve been warned that my first job won’t necessarily be a dream come true, but the focus is on finding one! It seems my friends and I will all be on different paths. Work, school and cluelessness about our futures will be in the mix. I’ll definitely be posting all about my efforts to find my glossy future. Check back and check back often, but next stop: Italy! While I can’t guarantee regular posts during my two and half week getaway, you can keep up with me on www.twitter.com/ericaec. Style, food, friends, sun and nightlife await!

Exciting things to come – I promise!

Real Deal for a Day

When asked to go downstairs and meet the new intern, my confidence immediately rose. Having the chance to train her and talk about my work at the mag made me feel (briefly) like I wasn’t at the bottom of the masthead. It was a chance for me to act out my fantasy of actually working there. It wasn’t my first time as an intern that I had to work with someone who modelled. But feeling short couldn’t squash my sense of seniority. We sat in the meeting area and went over all that is expected of her. I showed her around and then we went through some daily tasks together. When I tried to find out more about why she’s excited to intern, I didn’t get much. Eager to have her walk away an informed intern, I handed her the guide I prepared and asked her to email me if she ever has a question. That’s when she opened up, thanking me for my advice and insider (moi?) perspective. Tips from my guide included:

-Speak up! Share your ideas, interests and passions. Editors want to hear ideas from interns.
-Add to the research roster. When looking for the latest arts and pop culture news, seek out offbeat sources instead of the gossip rags.
-Get to know what your daily tasks are and get them done early. You never know what unexpected assignments the day will have in store.

Chatting with someone else about the work I’ve been doing only made me want to hold on to internship even more. Can you tell I like glossy talk? Sadly, my final day was approaching. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get to go back to help out in the fall. Keeping you posted!


Sell Me Candy

LC in Harper's Bazaar

I still haven't gotten my hands on her novel LA Candy (a potentially perfect beach read), because my boss said it needed to be kept on file after being featured in the magazine. Instead a visit to Indigo became an essential part of my vacation prep. I'll be sunning myself with Speed Shrinking, The Time Traveler's Wife, Chasing Harry Winston and of course, Frommer's Italy 2009.


Glossy Twit

Just like I gave in to Twilight, I've officially given in to Twitter. So why not follow along for up to the minute musings and pop culture bites from your favourite intern? Plus while I'm on vacation I'll most likely update there than I will here only because I'm not sure how much online time I'll have. Keep it glossy at www.twitter.com/ericaec

Don't forget to continue to email me comments and questions - I love reading questions and getting recommendations for blog posts!


My Page is Bleeding, in a Good Way

Today my boss and I met to go over the necessary changes to the online piece I'm working on. It was my first ever meeting as a writer. I felt like one of my childhood dreams was coming true. I was too caught up in the bliss of actually being treated as a magazine writer that I didn't have the emotional energy to give anything a negative spin. Change this? Cut that? Re-work this? Edit that? Every one of my answers was overloaded with enthusiasm. I'm excited to continue working on my (short) piece and make it something interesting for our readers. I don't have much time to complete it before our final meeting. Luckily, she gave me the chance to submit two different versions of the article for practice. Maybe there were scribbles and corrections all over my page, but her compliments made it all worth it. One thing she mentioned was to sidestep my fear of being politically incorrect. She advised me to inject it with my own personality and style, so that someone might be able to recognize that it's my work.

Tomorrow I meet the new intern. Will he/she measure up? It's my job to train him/her and then to continue blogging, writing and researching before I leave for Italy.

Elle is for Leather

The ELLE Woman is clearly sexy in a tough way. Her slick getups say 'come hither' and 'back off' with every single strut. Whether it's from the USA or the UK, ELLE's recent cover girls aren't styled without a luxe leather piece.
I've always been Team Aniston, but the stories spinning her as a lonely girl on the go are getting tired. This cover look makes me think that maybe this story will be different. Skin-tight leather and a flirtatious look hint at the resilient, ambitious woman she should be viewed as.
LiLo's ELLE UK shoot sparked rumours when Dior jewellery from the set went missing. Did she or didn't she? Beyond the case of the missing bling, we've seen her sport this look before. While I question why she's still on covers, the queen of all attempted comebacks looks great.
Tween sensation Miley Cyrus was an unexpected choice for the August cover, but her collaboration with Max Azria for Wal-Mart lent her to the fashion-forward audience. However, mild intrigue certainly won't be driving them to the stores. I was prepared to rant on the reasons why I prefer seeing her face on Seventeen and not the fashion mags, when I saw her alternate cover on newsstands. Wearing bright pink and accessorized in gold, Miley looks much more like she's from Hannah Montana than The Craft.


Just a Taste

Only my sister would make sure that she didn't leave Italy without bringing back olive oil, cookies and magazines. Last night we hurried to the airport to pick up my youngest sister, who had just completed a three week language course in Italy. Of course she picked up gifts along the way, and mine just happened to be the latest issue of Marie Claire. Though I'm leaving in one week, this was the perfect taste of what's to come. Included in it's shiny package was also Marie Claire Bis, a special edition featuring the best of the F/W 09/10 collections from New York, London, Milan and Paris.