Who? Where? Why?

There was a time when I researched the possibility of meeting with a mentor – someone who has worked in the business and now focuses her energy on counselling up-and-comers. Though I decided against it before we had even met, she did share with me what her first assignment usually entails. It was a list of questions that would help her get to know me better. The questions required me to define my strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, interests and of course, career goals. Truthfully, I found the simple assignment rather daunting. Could I sum up who I am to someone new in a few brief answers? I know which industry I would like to work in. But could I really narrow it down to a single job title?

The questions came back to me today. In the midst of transcribing, one of my bosses struck up a conversation about future summer plans. When I mentioned my upcoming vacation, he offered to meet with me this week to discuss my future. As excited as I am about this meeting, I know that I will have to prepare. I’ll have to describe where I’ve been and where I’d like to go. When I return from my vacation, the job search will become my reality. So this is my chance to find out more about what’s out there, and what might be right for me. I’m nervous but excited. As much as I am looking forward to being under the Italian sun, it’s bittersweet for me to be discussing closing interviews with my bosses. Hopefully this meeting brings encouragement, inspiration and news for the blog!

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