Recap: 2nd Last Week

Soon I'll be saying farewell to my messy cubicle, complete with it's fabulous view (how did I score that?). This week was quite eventful. I've been trying to get all of the experience, advice and answers that I can from these final weeks at Internship No. 2. Here's the recap of things learned and observed:

-There is a "book" i.e. a binder representing what the magazine will look like.

-The thrill of seeing my name on the masthead is still just as thrilling as ever. I won't even begin to pretend like I'm one of those people who is over it.

-Research can be a long process when you just can't seem to find what you're looking for (today I was tempted to invent some far fetched connection between The Gossip album and werewolves, yes I was that desperate). I almost burst out into song when I finally found the most perfect item to add to an upcoming themed section. My goal is to have a strong list of items prepared before I leave. Then I'll just have to cross my fingers and wait to see how many of them actually make the cut.

-Based on my ongoing communication with various PR reps, I've started to receive mail with my name on it. Despite the fact that they're usually catalogues and not enticing event invitations (did my invite to that party on Queen W get lost?), I keep them.

-Don't be afraid to voice your opinions. Today I let myself babble to my boss about my excitement about the new issue. I let her know my views on some of the articles I helped with, the art work and the overall tone of the latest mag.

-Sometimes you just have to take care of things yourself. Even if that means lugging courier bins up and down the stairs because your cubicle is covered in piles of envelopes that you have no place for. Naturally in my experience, after waiting for nearly an hour for the bins to be dropped off they magically appear the second that I return from my trek.

-Branch out. After packing up my work today I headed over to the online editor's desk to ask her about freelance opportunities. Not only did she remember me from a previous interview, but she was really helpful and encouraged me to send her pitches.

-Spotted: 2 different camera crews filming interviews with the EiC. You bet I was straining to listen in.

-According to one of my bosses, freelancing is the way for me to go. Post-Italy I was told I have alot of reading and writing to do.

-I was absolutely ecstatic today when my boss told me that we'll be in touch when I return from my trip to discuss the possibility of me helping out during TIFF.

-Enjoyed some major glossy talk with my boss this week. She told me I was ambitious and I explained to her the philosophy behind Ed2010.

Next Week: More glossy talk as I have my closing meeting with my boss. My final research presentation. The last blog posts for the magazine. Hearing feedback on my piece for the website. Face to face with the new intern. Packing anxiety and farewell to my cubicle!

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