PJs to Work

When my boss gave me a list of things to accomplish before the end of my internship I was overwhelmed, but kept on smiling. It’s still weeks away, but I now know exactly what I should be doing for the rest of my days at the magazine. In an effort to sneak in some exciting tasks I worked on some of the administrative stuff from home this weekend. It wasn’t the first time I sat at home, in an outfit topped off by a U of T sweater, to work on the organizing, listing and researching I had ahead of me. After updating contacts and tracking down specific items, an intern’s work isn’t done when I leave the building on Thursdays.

Since the beginning of my internship, there have been tasks that I have been required to complete at home. I fell into a comfortable routine of getting my blogs done each week from the comfort of my kitchen table. I usually reserve Sundays for extra research or emails. It’s not the most enjoyable when the sun is out and I’m inside. To say I’ve been frustrated at one time or another is an understatement. But if doing things at home will help me get a chance to work on more exciting tasks at the office – I’m up for it.

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