Sadly, the 2nd last week of my internship has come to an end. I'm already gearing up to train the next intern next week! I can't help but imagine who it might be. Someone oh so put together who makes me look like the haphazard commuter that I am? Someone quiet who seems to lack my lust for all things pop culture? Someone so creative that I befriend them, only after asking them if I can blog all about their first days? I'm not sure. But it's certainly bittersweet to enjoy magazine chatter with my boss one second, and then hear her mention interviews for new interns the next. In the past couple weeks I have felt much more comfortable voicing my opinions and ideas. I can only help but wonder how things would have progressed if I wasn't leaving for vacation. As the interviews continue, the reality sets in. I'm leaving for the trip of a lifetime. But when I get back things will have changed completely. What's a part time Magazine Publishing student to do? Pitch, pitch, pitch. Blog, blog, blog. Find a position (or a cubicle) with my name on it.

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