"i need some new stilettos. can't walk down the street in those"

I’ve been asked several times how I got my internships. You see, I’m the girl who twists her ankle while running from the subway to the office in heels. I don’t always have it together. I didn’t have an ‘in’ but I persistently fought my way to get there. My best advice is to study mastheads, decide which department you want to work for and gather your contact info from there. Here’s how I landed Internship No. 1 and No. 2.

Internship No. 1
-Called the promotions department
-Emailed my resume, set up interview
-On the day of the interview, she had gone home sick. I waited in reception until the receptionist felt so bad for me she called the editor. I was ecstatic to have the chance to give my resume to her, only to find that she was annoyed that I had bothered her. She said she’d email me. I knew she wouldn’t.
-I waited a long time before calling the number again. When I did, a new person was in the position. We spoke and set up an interview.
-I got it! After spending months in promotions and communicating my interest in editorial, I was able to switch into the editorial department when the intern position became available.

Internship No. 2
-On Christmas break I sent my resume to everyone I could imagine myself working with. I filled out applications, wrote cover letters, mailed and emailed information about myself numerous times.
-I began correspondence with one editor and set up an interview.
-I had my longest interview yet, and really enjoyed chatting about magazines and my point of view.
-I didn’t get it. But I continued to contact people, determined to land an internship for second semester.
-School picked up, so did the homework. I didn’t hear back from anyone else.
-As school was ending I emailed all of the contacts again, knowing that they were most likely looking to fill summer internship spots.
-One editor instantly emailed me back asking if I could be available ASAP. We set up an interview.
-I had a very brief interview this time, unsure but hopeful about the outcome.
-Sitting in class, my phone rang and I got the news that I got the internship!

Questions? Comments? Let me know all about your fashionable wishes and glossy dreams!


Swayed said...

Did you do either, if not both, of your internships at fashion magazines? And in what year of university did you do them in?

Erica said...

Both were at fashion/shopping mags. My first was after my 2nd year/during 3rd and the second was after my 4th.