Fashion Camp Recap

Today I attended Fashion Weekly's http://www.fashweekly.com/ Fashion Camp. It was a day of seminars and workshops devoted to educating people on careers in the fashion industry. I listened to bloggers, looked at stylist Amy Lu's portfolio and got to style a shoot. Here's a basic roundup of some of my notes.

-Lora (Editor of Fashion Weekly): Wants to bring awareness to Canadian design.
-Farhan Zaidi (Moro Model & Talent Management): Persistence is key. Stand up for yourself and know your aims. Understand your demographics. Go the extra mile and always keep a positive attitude (interns especially).
-Audrey Romoff (OverCat Communications): Research the companies you want to work for and know their clients. Be proactive and speak up when you think a strategy will be unsuccessful.
-Amy Lu (Stylist who has done work for Interview, FASHION and Vanity Fair): It’s not all glamorous. Don’t turn down opportunities to get your work out there – even if they aren’t the most creative. Build a portfolio of both commercial and editorial work.
-Anita Clarke (I want – I got) and Jen McNeely (She Does the City): Define your website’s target audience. The hardest thing about blogging is to keep doing it. Always do something to move your business/brand forward. Decide what the purpose of your blog is and build your audience. Bloggers are the new trendsetters.
-Jason Meyers (Designer and Project Runway Canada contestant): Believe in what you do. Find somebody in your industry who will mentor you (his is David Dixon). Keep your eyes open – Meyers found inspiration in the costumes and Venetian architecture found in Summertime, starring Katherine Hepburn.

Italian love in the Summertime (1955)


OC- said...

all good advice

Erika said...

It's almost comforting hearing this kind of advice from the professionals. I have a budding website (future magazine) called SHARP OBJEX and am always looking for tips.

Thank you for posting this!

Erica said...

Hi Erika,

Thanks for your comment. Where can I check out your zine? Don't forget to become a follower on my blog and check back often!

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