Another Day, Another Reality Check

After my interview experience, my boss explained that the juicy quotes are what get picked up by other gossip and fashion sites. This morning I found a perfect example of our latest cover girl’s images and quotes on Refinery 29. My heart began to race as I realized that I was a (small) part of this publication, and that it was receiving recognition for presenting something new and creative to the fashion-loving world. I excitedly invited my boss to check out the links and soon our Editor in Chief also joined us in my cubicle. Does she know my name? I’m not sure. But she did request that the links be sent her way. It was a moment that reminded me that our Canadian mags are just as much apart of the international scene as any other.

But oh, how an intern’s day can change. After lunch I found myself going through mail and updating contacts. My morning of positive feedback had faded into an afternoon in which the work piled up, I got locked out of my email and received an alarming message from my bank. One more dose of reality came from my boss, who reminded me that my internship will soon be over. Her search for a new intern will soon begin. Nothing ignites a reaction in me like the thought of being left outside of the white-walled offices. It’s time to make an impression while I still have a security card, and a cubicle.

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