21 Going on 15

My sister says that I’m still fifteen at heart. I’ve never disputed that. I still think it’s fair for everyone to read young adult fiction in the summer, and I continuously find myself following the gossip surrounding the tween heartthrobs. As a teen I always had more than one magazine subscription. My love affair with CosmoGIRL! led to a later infatuation with Teen Vogue. If I said that I’d parted completely with Teen Vogue, I’d be lying.

The truth is that back in my CosmoGIRL! days, I couldn’t really tell why I loved it so much. After Atoosa Rubenstein left, I realized that her message is what kept me coming back for more. She encouraged young girls to be their enthusiastic selves, whether that involved a seemingly embarrassing situation or not. I think that what the media communicates to young girls is extremely important. While I always felt that sections of embarrassing stories were completely unnecessary in a teen magazine, I did read them for advice, style tips and that added source of confidence they gave me.

Are there any magazines that you were attached to as a teen?

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