Tips from an Intern

Commuter shoes - an unfortunate reality when you live in suburbia.

Though Internship No. 2 is completely different from my first, I feel as though I've gathered some helpful tips along the way. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells, while at others I'm running in heels. Either way it's hard but fun and no, it's not really like The Hills.

-Bring your notebook - it's good for keeping organized lists of tasks and procedures that are performed on a regular basis. Plus, it's helpful to keep a daily log of the tasks that you've completed. Refer to the list of daily tasks and have them done before you take on the rest of the day's work.

-Keep busy - Ask for tasks. If you finish helping your boss, you may just end up assisting someone else in another department, and that's another contact for you. Asking also relates to making contacts and the job search. Ask an entry-level employee how they got their position, or ask your boss to answer some questions on his/her career path.

-Know your reader - While I can't imagine working for a magazine that I don't read, there have been times when I've been a little overconfident. In the past I thought 'Well I read this magazine, I am the reader' was enough. The truth is I didn't "get it" as much as I thought I did and my panned pitches were proof.

-Watch the clock - Be early. Get back from lunch early. Don't leave early.

-Dress for the job you want - I'll admit that I get lazy from time to time (internship = no pay = no shopping sprees), but I've always truly believed in this one. Take cues from co-workers but keep in mind that they have the job, and you don't. Why not stand out?

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