Take Me Away

Books have always been on my wish lists. Fashion and travel titles usually take precedence over others. Each one reminds me of a place, an occasion or special person in my life. From Dana Thomas' Deluxe to Dante's Inferno my collection grows with each passing birthday (or purchase). Vogue Covers from Rob, Influence from Andrea, Ciao Bella! from one of the bookstores in Siena. So maybe some of them were for school but most are just pure pleasure.

Fashion books are filled with photos and anecdotes from innovative artists. I may not read each one cover to cover, but I revisit them whenever I'm in need of some whimsy. Aside from the art, many of these books remind me of the importance of ambition. Whenever I feel out of touch, I can easily read up on Anna Wintour or Diane Von Furstenberg and instantly remember that I have the ability to get the dream job and city life I've always imagined for myself.

Some people collect postcards, while I pick up things to read. I may not always be able to splurge on designer wares, but I can always grab Vogue Italia. The last time I was in Italy I came home with Vogue, Vanity Fair, and (the one I understand the most) Glamour Italia. It's something I may have picked up from Mom, who still has the copy of french Vogue she bought on her honeymoon. My upcoming Italian adventure may not involve new Tom Ford sunglasses, but you can expect me to bring home some glossies.

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