La Fin

It's hard to describe how I felt at graduation. I was proud of myself, sad to say goodbye and certainly excited for what's to come. I have spent so much time and energy thinking about what I can do outside of school, and yet the end was bittersweet. My final year was especially trying because I was entirely focused on getting out. Out of school, out into the world. But I tried my best to bring the two realms together. I became the associate editor of my school's first fashion publication. Students with different majors and interests came together to explore the intersection between fashion and our studies. VIVE (formerly VERVE) meetings were where we collaborated, brainstormed and forecasted our views of fashion and culture. Being on the VIVE team made extra-curricular pursuits a little less bleak, and campus seem a lot more creative. Check it out at http://www.vivemagazine.ca/
Graduation came and went. Strolling toward University College, my sister said, "This isn't your school anymore." That's when it hit me. After high school, U of T opened up a new world for me. Here I am, excited and slightly lost once more. Only this time, I can navigate my way through the city. Farewell U of T. For all the times I cursed you, you know I didn't mean it.

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