In cab. High on life.

Informational interviews gave me the opportunity to take one step closer into the world of magazine publishing. Between strolling through photography exhibits and dining in the meatpacking district, I fit in visits to Hearst and Condé Nast.

It was clear that there was some sort of casting going on at Seventeen Magazine. I side-stepped a row of bright young things when it was time for my meeting. I chose to contact Seventeen because I knew that some of their staff was involved with Ed2010, meaning they’d probably be more open to answering my questions. The associate editor I met with went over my resume and clippings, though she was honest about not having time to read them. Even her hurried pace couldn’t shake my disposition, I was in the office (which is identical to Marie Claire’s shown on Running in Heels). She appreciated that I had a list of questions prepared, and stuck to them. Before I knew it was back a in a cab heading for W. 12th St.

Visiting Teen Vogue couldn’t have been more different. The fashion news assistant (and ’07 college grad) gave me a detailed description of her search for the perfect entry-level job. She thoughtfully went through my clippings and even asked to keep a copy of the university mag I had brought along. While sitting in the pristine white reception area at Teen Vogue, we discussed everything from interviews to edit tests. And then, another glossy dream came true. She invited me on a tour of the office. As we made our way through, she continued to answer my questions about the various departments and my career aspirations. Chats with both Jane Keltner and Joanna Hillman rounded out my visit. Their encouragement had me tempted to skip happily out the door.

As I nearly floated out of 4TS, I hailed a cab and began reviewing the notes I had taken at my interviews. Visits to two publishers had led to two very different interview experiences.

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yvette said...

This is so inspirational. Seriously. I'm a high school student at the moment and would love to go into the publishing industry. My dream is to someday be able to work at Teen Vogue, and your detailed accounts I'm sure will help me out someday. I hope you keep telling us what's happening, I'd love to hear about it!