Blog Roll Begins

I'll admit I'm an addict. I can pass the time checking out my endless list of favourite blogs. Depending on my mood when I get home from work, I know just which bloggers to turn to for gossip, humour or inspiration. Thought I'd compile a list here? I won't give them away that easily. Here are a few of some of my favourite guilty pleasures:

Stefania Yarhi documents her fashion finds and photography in Toronto, as well as in fashionable cities beyond. Her attitude and eye for style landed her a spot in LOULOU Magazine earlier this year. If street style and hot shops are your thing, you'll fall hard for Yarhi's TextStyles.

Cristin Dillon-Jones, 27, is a registered dietician and Self.com blogger. Eat Like Me is a photo journal of what Dillon-Jones eats on a regular basis, complete with Q&A and a little colour commentary. My recent interest in health and fitness led me to Self's print and online versions. Eat Like Me is a quick, interesting read about young women's health from a realistic point of view.

It's all about the ultimate summer getaway. But it's not just a vacation, it's a lifestyle. Counting down to the day until they depart for the sunny beaches of Italy, these bloggers look at the brands and must-have summer items that separate the tourists from the Eurotrash.

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