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My day is not complete until I've gotten the latest in fashion news from fashionista.com and nymag.com's The Cut blog. However there's still a long list of bloggers who keep me entertained and inspired. Photography, style idols and DIYs come together on this list to remind me of the fantasy in fashion.

These girls have vintage style down to an art. Meghan and Lana document their lives, their style idols and their finds on their blog (pronounced shay-sight-en). I first came across this blog from Winnipeg during the FASHION Magazine Reporter Search. Since then I visit their blog and often wonder how such effortlessly stylish bloggers didn't come out on top.

She's a blogger, writer and stylist, among other things. Jazzi's first internship was in her high school years at Teen Vogue. Since then she has assisted on music video shoot, written for Planet, hosted videos on fashionista.com and shared her on-the-job experiences online. For a taste of this ambitious blogger's future, visit her recently revamped website (modelled after Paris Vogue's "Une fille un style" pages).

Three Toronto friends blog about their inspiration. From photography to visual art to video clips, this blog reminds me that style ideas don't always come straight from your closet. One young heart, Mackenzie, is a Toronto finalist for the Holts Contemporary Correspondent search. Vote at www.holtscontemporary.com

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