Back to Reality

“Ideally CBS would have preferred to air a Wintour piece at the time of the film version of The Devil Wears Prada, before reality television shows sucked the glamour out of fashion and made every pretender seem a petulant queen.” – Cathy Horyn on the Anna Wintour segment on 60 Minutes, from NYTimes.com blog On the Runway

Let me begin by saying that I devour any morsel of “reality” the fashion industry throws at me. From Carine Roitfeld on CNN to Project Runway, I will follow it and be prepared to recap with anyone who’s up for it. Sometimes viewing comes without guilt, while others are simply labeled guilty pleasures. Running in Heels anyone? Stylista? Was I the only one who caught up with these series on YouTube? I suppose there’s a divide between those who perceive fashion as art and those who see the industry’s potential to entertain. While it’s safe to say that famed fashion critic, Cathy Horyn, isn’t a fan, there’s been buzz about the possibility of a second season of Running in Heels.

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