Must-Have Issue

"Anna is like Madonna, " says designer Thakoon Panichgul in the upcoming film, The September Issue. I have been excitedly awaiting this film and the trailer did not disappoint. R.J. Cutler's film will certainly please fans of both Valentino: The Last Emperor and The Devil Wears Prada. Though it isn't showing at TIFF '09, check out the trailer (click Must-Have Issue) for a taste of America's editrix.


Things to Do

-Return Vena Cava for Gap Dress
The day that Gap's CFDA collaborations debuted, I raced down Bloor to snag a piece of Vena Cava. The store wasn't busy but the clock was ticking so I just grabbed a size and ran. Sadly the dress I had lusted after fits terribly. Though this means I'm without Vena Cava, maybe I'll soon be able to incorporate some Wang into the wardrobe.

-Walk by Holt Renfrew
I cannot wait to check out Holt Renfrew's blogger-inspired windows. I first heard about them on fashionista.com and was excited to see how the store would interpret the likes of Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton. My commute this week will definitely involve a skip down Bloor.

-Meet DVF
Teen Vogue is gearing up for another year of Fashion U. The application's online and some of the first speakers are already being posted at www.teenvoguefashionu.com. The event falls on my birthday once again and DVF is listed as one of the seminar leaders. Details (getting accepted, planning trip to NYC) aside, she must sign her picture in my copy of Influence.


I completely lucked out when I was able to set up at the cubicle next to the window. I love sitting at my desk with the EIC only a few feet away, my boss to my right and a sprawling view of the city's skyscrapers and condos to my left. A lot of my time at that desk is spent transcribing interviews for the editors. Whether they're speaking with an up and coming actress or a high profile designer, it has become one of my favourite tasks. Though an interview is never published in it's entirety, I feel like listening in gives me insight into the artist as well as the interviewing process.

With my headphones on I've come to realize that some people are able to make an interview with an acquaintance sound like a chat with an old friend. These editors sound natural and focused while trying to gather bits of news and juicy quotes. I'll admit that I've always been really nervous when it comes to interviews. I've worked on them for campus publications (an author here, a philanthropist there), but nothing compared to the whirlwind that was my first interview as an intern.

The email was titled, "Interview Opportunity." It was a quick message asking me if I'd like to interview a member of young Hollywood since my boss would be away. I immediately jumped at the chance, only to allow the anxiety to set in minutes later. For the next 24 hours I researched and brainstormed questions. I ran from part-time job to internship, back and forth between Suburbia and the City in preparation for this fifteen minute phone call. It was the biggest break I've received thus far.

When the phone rang I answered with confidence and the next fifteen minutes flew by as I shuffled between my edited list of questions and the clock. I stumbled when asked to clarify a question, but regained my composure as my list went on. Fashion. Confidence. Work. Childhood. Suddenly I was being asked for my last question. I referred to Twitter (a last minute addition) and hung up. After an ecstatic email to my boss, all I had left to do was transcribe.

In the transcribing process I realized that yes, maybe I had missed out on opportunities to probe for better quotes. Overall my fear of running out of time took over and prevented me from straying from that list of questions. Thankfully my boss gave me advice for the future along with positive feedback. I don't have any friends in LA, but I may have come close for fifteen minutes.

Blog Lovin'

My day is not complete until I've gotten the latest in fashion news from fashionista.com and nymag.com's The Cut blog. However there's still a long list of bloggers who keep me entertained and inspired. Photography, style idols and DIYs come together on this list to remind me of the fantasy in fashion.

These girls have vintage style down to an art. Meghan and Lana document their lives, their style idols and their finds on their blog (pronounced shay-sight-en). I first came across this blog from Winnipeg during the FASHION Magazine Reporter Search. Since then I visit their blog and often wonder how such effortlessly stylish bloggers didn't come out on top.

She's a blogger, writer and stylist, among other things. Jazzi's first internship was in her high school years at Teen Vogue. Since then she has assisted on music video shoot, written for Planet, hosted videos on fashionista.com and shared her on-the-job experiences online. For a taste of this ambitious blogger's future, visit her recently revamped website (modelled after Paris Vogue's "Une fille un style" pages).

Three Toronto friends blog about their inspiration. From photography to visual art to video clips, this blog reminds me that style ideas don't always come straight from your closet. One young heart, Mackenzie, is a Toronto finalist for the Holts Contemporary Correspondent search. Vote at www.holtscontemporary.com


Cursed by Copy Editing

I judge those who use poor grammar. Spelling mistakes glare at me from any page or screen. I can't help it. My life lately has revolved around editing transcriptions by day and learning copy editing skills by night. Truthfully, I was rather shocked by the following slip up found on wwd.com. Whether you're consulting style manuals or fashion magazines, would you let this pass?
The photo caption reads, Dean and Dan Katen. For those readers who don't recognize this Canadian design duo, meet Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared.


Style List

It's difficult for me to let go of certain things. I'm consistently attracted to white button down shirts, the music of Nat King Cole and other such classics. The lists that tell my life story aren't necessarily permanent, but certain things always remain. When the time comes, changing my mind is as easy as tearing them up and writing again.

Favourite Designers:
-Proenza Schouler
-3.1 Philip Lim

Style Idols:
-Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma
-Margherita Missoni
-Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
-Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen (yes both!)

Magazines I Read Regularly:
-Toronto Life

Magazines I Wish I Read Regularly:
-Glamour Italia
-Harper's Bazaar
-Worn Fashion Journal

La Fin

It's hard to describe how I felt at graduation. I was proud of myself, sad to say goodbye and certainly excited for what's to come. I have spent so much time and energy thinking about what I can do outside of school, and yet the end was bittersweet. My final year was especially trying because I was entirely focused on getting out. Out of school, out into the world. But I tried my best to bring the two realms together. I became the associate editor of my school's first fashion publication. Students with different majors and interests came together to explore the intersection between fashion and our studies. VIVE (formerly VERVE) meetings were where we collaborated, brainstormed and forecasted our views of fashion and culture. Being on the VIVE team made extra-curricular pursuits a little less bleak, and campus seem a lot more creative. Check it out at http://www.vivemagazine.ca/
Graduation came and went. Strolling toward University College, my sister said, "This isn't your school anymore." That's when it hit me. After high school, U of T opened up a new world for me. Here I am, excited and slightly lost once more. Only this time, I can navigate my way through the city. Farewell U of T. For all the times I cursed you, you know I didn't mean it.

Take Me Away

Books have always been on my wish lists. Fashion and travel titles usually take precedence over others. Each one reminds me of a place, an occasion or special person in my life. From Dana Thomas' Deluxe to Dante's Inferno my collection grows with each passing birthday (or purchase). Vogue Covers from Rob, Influence from Andrea, Ciao Bella! from one of the bookstores in Siena. So maybe some of them were for school but most are just pure pleasure.

Fashion books are filled with photos and anecdotes from innovative artists. I may not read each one cover to cover, but I revisit them whenever I'm in need of some whimsy. Aside from the art, many of these books remind me of the importance of ambition. Whenever I feel out of touch, I can easily read up on Anna Wintour or Diane Von Furstenberg and instantly remember that I have the ability to get the dream job and city life I've always imagined for myself.

Some people collect postcards, while I pick up things to read. I may not always be able to splurge on designer wares, but I can always grab Vogue Italia. The last time I was in Italy I came home with Vogue, Vanity Fair, and (the one I understand the most) Glamour Italia. It's something I may have picked up from Mom, who still has the copy of french Vogue she bought on her honeymoon. My upcoming Italian adventure may not involve new Tom Ford sunglasses, but you can expect me to bring home some glossies.


On the Go

Today was a non-stop day for this intern. There’s lots of work to be done and lots of exciting stuff coming up. Between blogging here, there and taking courses in Magazine Publishing, this summer is shaping up to be quite busy. But I’ve added something new to the calendar, Fashion Weekly’s Fashion Camp.

On July 6 at the Textile Museum of Canada, those with dreams of a career in fashion are invited to Fashion Camp. From 10am to 5pm participants will hear from such notables as Project Runway Canada’s Jason Meyers, and www.shedoesthecity.com’s Jennifer McNeely. Plus, participants have the chance to win an internship at Fashion Weekly and a meet and greet with Fashion Television’s Mary Kitchen. Intrigued? I certainly am. With graduation looming it’s the perfect time to hear about careers from some of Toronto’s tastemakers.


In cab. High on life.

Informational interviews gave me the opportunity to take one step closer into the world of magazine publishing. Between strolling through photography exhibits and dining in the meatpacking district, I fit in visits to Hearst and Condé Nast.

It was clear that there was some sort of casting going on at Seventeen Magazine. I side-stepped a row of bright young things when it was time for my meeting. I chose to contact Seventeen because I knew that some of their staff was involved with Ed2010, meaning they’d probably be more open to answering my questions. The associate editor I met with went over my resume and clippings, though she was honest about not having time to read them. Even her hurried pace couldn’t shake my disposition, I was in the office (which is identical to Marie Claire’s shown on Running in Heels). She appreciated that I had a list of questions prepared, and stuck to them. Before I knew it was back a in a cab heading for W. 12th St.

Visiting Teen Vogue couldn’t have been more different. The fashion news assistant (and ’07 college grad) gave me a detailed description of her search for the perfect entry-level job. She thoughtfully went through my clippings and even asked to keep a copy of the university mag I had brought along. While sitting in the pristine white reception area at Teen Vogue, we discussed everything from interviews to edit tests. And then, another glossy dream came true. She invited me on a tour of the office. As we made our way through, she continued to answer my questions about the various departments and my career aspirations. Chats with both Jane Keltner and Joanna Hillman rounded out my visit. Their encouragement had me tempted to skip happily out the door.

As I nearly floated out of 4TS, I hailed a cab and began reviewing the notes I had taken at my interviews. Visits to two publishers had led to two very different interview experiences.


Cover to Cover

Image courtesy of NYMag.com's The Cut

So has Harper's Bazaar tried to divide it's readership? It sure looks that way based on their upcoming covers. Angelina Jolie is the face of the issue that will hit newsstands, though there was no cover shoot (it's an older image from a red carpet event) and no interview. Since January I've fallen in love with Bazaar's covers. Scarlett, Sarah Jessica, Halle, oh my. But this one has me quite confused. The noted fashion mag is suddenly dressing up like a tabloid, and the blogs are buzzing as a result. Subscribers, fear not, you're getting nothing but fashion on your cover. Doutzen Kroes is keeping it glossy. Time and time again celebrities are displacing models on the covers of the world's top fashion magazines. Whether it's a sign of the times or an effort to nab sales at the stands, if I wanted to hear more about Angelina Jolie, I'd pick up US Weekly.

Blog Roll Begins

I'll admit I'm an addict. I can pass the time checking out my endless list of favourite blogs. Depending on my mood when I get home from work, I know just which bloggers to turn to for gossip, humour or inspiration. Thought I'd compile a list here? I won't give them away that easily. Here are a few of some of my favourite guilty pleasures:

Stefania Yarhi documents her fashion finds and photography in Toronto, as well as in fashionable cities beyond. Her attitude and eye for style landed her a spot in LOULOU Magazine earlier this year. If street style and hot shops are your thing, you'll fall hard for Yarhi's TextStyles.

Cristin Dillon-Jones, 27, is a registered dietician and Self.com blogger. Eat Like Me is a photo journal of what Dillon-Jones eats on a regular basis, complete with Q&A and a little colour commentary. My recent interest in health and fitness led me to Self's print and online versions. Eat Like Me is a quick, interesting read about young women's health from a realistic point of view.

It's all about the ultimate summer getaway. But it's not just a vacation, it's a lifestyle. Counting down to the day until they depart for the sunny beaches of Italy, these bloggers look at the brands and must-have summer items that separate the tourists from the Eurotrash.

Tips from an Intern

Commuter shoes - an unfortunate reality when you live in suburbia.

Though Internship No. 2 is completely different from my first, I feel as though I've gathered some helpful tips along the way. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells, while at others I'm running in heels. Either way it's hard but fun and no, it's not really like The Hills.

-Bring your notebook - it's good for keeping organized lists of tasks and procedures that are performed on a regular basis. Plus, it's helpful to keep a daily log of the tasks that you've completed. Refer to the list of daily tasks and have them done before you take on the rest of the day's work.

-Keep busy - Ask for tasks. If you finish helping your boss, you may just end up assisting someone else in another department, and that's another contact for you. Asking also relates to making contacts and the job search. Ask an entry-level employee how they got their position, or ask your boss to answer some questions on his/her career path.

-Know your reader - While I can't imagine working for a magazine that I don't read, there have been times when I've been a little overconfident. In the past I thought 'Well I read this magazine, I am the reader' was enough. The truth is I didn't "get it" as much as I thought I did and my panned pitches were proof.

-Watch the clock - Be early. Get back from lunch early. Don't leave early.

-Dress for the job you want - I'll admit that I get lazy from time to time (internship = no pay = no shopping sprees), but I've always truly believed in this one. Take cues from co-workers but keep in mind that they have the job, and you don't. Why not stand out?


Just Like MMD

Long before MTV's The City, I had a style obsession with Olivia Palermo. Though I continue to prefer her style to Whitney's (though I forgive you Whitney, for pulling an Arden Wohl at the art gallery), it's safe to say I've moved on. Enter Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, an editor at Russian Harper's Bazaar. The jackets, the sunglasses, and of course the black. If I had my dream job and a little more than a part-timer's pay to work with, here's how I'd be dressing.
Photos courtesy of Chictopia and The Sartorialist

Back to Reality

“Ideally CBS would have preferred to air a Wintour piece at the time of the film version of The Devil Wears Prada, before reality television shows sucked the glamour out of fashion and made every pretender seem a petulant queen.” – Cathy Horyn on the Anna Wintour segment on 60 Minutes, from NYTimes.com blog On the Runway

Let me begin by saying that I devour any morsel of “reality” the fashion industry throws at me. From Carine Roitfeld on CNN to Project Runway, I will follow it and be prepared to recap with anyone who’s up for it. Sometimes viewing comes without guilt, while others are simply labeled guilty pleasures. Running in Heels anyone? Stylista? Was I the only one who caught up with these series on YouTube? I suppose there’s a divide between those who perceive fashion as art and those who see the industry’s potential to entertain. While it’s safe to say that famed fashion critic, Cathy Horyn, isn’t a fan, there’s been buzz about the possibility of a second season of Running in Heels.