View From the Top

“I see them sometimes in the fashion closet, and they are just brimming with enthusiasm packing up shoes. You can just see it, you recognize it,” she said. “I try to teach them some of the things I learned, which is that it’s O.K. to be an assistant. Sometimes people come out of school right now and they immediately want a job doing something. And there’s nothing wrong with just listening and learning and watching.” - VOGUE Style Director Alexandra Kotur, in a recent interview published in The New York Observer

Aside from discovering more about Alexandra Kotur in this intimate profile, I loved hearing her view on interns and magazine-lovers who are currently at the bottom. It's wonderful to know that people in positions like hers notice the enthusiasm and dedication of interns. However I also think I should keep her advice about landing a job in mind. While witnessing office promotions and changes to the masthead, its difficult to put my anxiety surrounding graduation aside. In the midst of mail-outs and transcriptions, I'll certainly continue to take it all in.

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