Intern Diary

Internship No. 2 continues to be both exciting and agonizing. Exciting because no matter what task I'm given I am absolutely ecstatic just to be there. Agonizing because I can't help but reflect on the impending job search and how much I would love to work at the magazine. Don't forget to check the Next and Fashion blogs for my weekly postings. My name's on the website, and hopefully you'll soon be seeing it on the masthead.

One small difference between Internship No. 2 and Internship No. 1 is that last week I was able to get my own security passcard. Now I can come and go as I please, and forget about avoiding certain doors because I can't open them. Awkward identification picture aside, I'll be spending the summer attempting to maintain the appearrance that I actually work there. Last week the security guy said I approached the exit looking "defeated". So I certainly haven't mastered the use of the card yet, but tomorrow I'll walk in with my head held high and just hope that the glass partition actually opens.

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